28. Februar 2015

Extract from Reference List Engineering Dr.-Ing. Blotenberg Turboservice


1.    Root Cause Analysis on axial flow compressors which suffered from two blade crack events in 6 years operation

2.    Improve the steam turbine control system for a double extraction steam turbine generator drive with frequent operation at/beyond the limits of the stable operating range (2 projects)

3.    Improve the compressor control system for a compressor feeding several chemical reactors. Situation: A process upset (pressure spike) on one reactor made the compressor protection system react such heavy that the inlet pressure of the other parallel reactors dropped below the shutdown level. Solution: Intelligent coordinated control avoids heavy reaction while maintaining full compressor protection. All except the upset reactor stay on line. (2 projects)

4.    Add a bypass system to a gas turbine fuel gas compressor. Whenever the pipeline pressure is high enough to feed the gas turbine direct, the compressor is automatically unloaded and the gas turbine fed through the bypass. If pipeline pressure drops or gas turbine pressure demand increases, the compressor is started and loaded automatically and bypass unloaded. (three projects with 9 compressors)

5.    Develop a full functional stroke test for hydraulic compressor blow-off valves to test valve performance without affecting compressor operation.

6.    Develop a monitoring concept to supervise the performance of a compressor discharge check valve while compressor system is in full industrial operation.

7.    Upgrade obsolete compressor/steam turbine train control and monitoring system hardware to latest design within a time period of 4 days from stop of train till restart of the process. (several projects)

8.    Online repair of a blocked hydraulic compressor anti-surge control valve while the compressor is in industrial operation.

9.    Supervision of the commissioning of the control system upgrade on a 10 stage centrifugal gear type compressor.

10. Operator and maintenance training on compressor, steam turbine and gas turbine applications.

11. Retrofit of obsolete control and protection systems.